Architectural restoration

The Meditation Chapel, the Old Workshops, the Greenhouse and Apiary will undergo conservative restoration:

  • The Entrance Hall leading from calle dei Frati into the complex will give access to visitors.
  • The Meditation Chapel, immersed in the verdant space between Lagoon and Garden at the end of a long row of ancient cypresses, will return to being a place of reflection and peace.
  • The Library and Exhibition space will house texts relevant to the project and to the conservation of the old Convent Gardens, as well as themed exhibitions.
  • The Refectory will be dedicated to welcoming visitors according to the dictates of the Franciscan spirit and will be furnished, in a fittingly simple and historically sensitive way, with furniture, utensils and tableware specially designed by artists and artisans.
  • The Gardens Archive will guarantee the transmission of knowledge about and memory of the project and will contain a special editorial collection as well as garden-inspired objects created according to the principles which have governed the restoration.
  • The Workshop and the Storeroom will be used by the Foundation to carry out those tasks necessary to the running of the Complex as well as for storing tools.
  • The Greenhouse, in poetic harmony with its context, is considered by expert and sophisticated gardeners to be indispensable for sheltering, preparing and cultivating flowering and vegetable plants. It will be a place of study and experimentation.
  • The Apiary which at one time existed at the Redentore will be reinstated, and activities and study related to the production of honey and the well-being of the bees will be carried out.